Frequently Asked Questions
To log in, you can select the Login button at the top right or click the 'Manage My Company' button on the home page. To log into the VPA Police TWIC Registration System, you must be an approved representative of your company. The Primary Company Representative for your company can issue permissions for you to gain access to the system and manage your company.
To submit a registration, you will need to log in and click the 'Add Employee' button in the top right. You can either fill out the employee information or send the employee a link via email for them to fill it out themselves.
To renew a registration, you will need to log in and click 'Manage' on the row of the employee you wish to renew. Once the information box pops up, click 'Renew TWIC' to start the renewal process.
The VPA Police TWIC Registration System has replaced the paper submission registration. After completing your online registration, you will need to go to the NIT ID Office to complete the safety training. You do not need an appointment at the NIT ID Office.
To renew your company registration, please fill out the contact form or call the NIT ID Office.
Once you have logged in, you can view your company representatives by clicking 'Company Representatives' on the left side menu. To expand the menu, click the menu button in the top left corner.
To update your company's representatives, click 'Company Representatives' on the left side menu. On the representative page, you can click 'Add' to add a new representative, or 'Remove' to remove an existing representative. Only primary representatives can add or delete other primary representatives.
To update your company's information, please fill out the contact form or call the NIT ID Office.
Upon registering your company for this system, you chose the type that is specified. In many cases, third parties are required to authorize access for new companies that register in the system. Because the company type impacts access to the system, we must restrict the ability to change the company type once a company registration has been approved. If you have a special case scenario, please contact a VPA administrator.
Once you have logged in, you can view profile information by clicking the menu button at the top left side of the screen. Once the left panel is expanded, select 'Account' to view your profile information.
To update your profile information, select 'Account' on the left side menu of the screen. Once at the 'Profile' page, you can update your phone number. Your email cannot be changed. To use a different email, you will need to add a new representative with the new email address.
To change your password, navigate to the 'Account' page via the menu on the left. Once at the Account page, click the 'Password' button on the left. To change your password, you will need to enter your current password along with the new password. Once you have supplied your current password and new password, click the 'Update Password' button. If the password update is successful, you will receive a success message following the attempt.
In order to manage your employee's TWIC Card Registrations, you will need to register your company. During the company registration process, you will provide information about your company's location and business type. Along with this, you will provide a primary representative to manage your company's account. Lastly, if your company is under a contract, you will supply the information about the contract.
The Primary and Secondary representatives will have different roles within the system. The Secondary representative will be able to submit new card registrations for employees at your company. In addition to this, Secondary Representatives will be able to view all employees currently registered with the VPA, and request deactivation of their privileges if your company no longer grants them access. Primary Representatives have the same capabilities as Secondary Representatives along with being responsible for maintaining your company's user access. The Primary Representative will be able to add new users, if necessary, along with deactivating any users who should no longer have access to the system. Secondary Representatives can only add or remove other secondary representatives.
The following information will be needed to complete a card registration:
  • Name
  • Driver's License: Number, State of Issue, and Expiration Date
  • Contact Information: Address, Phone Number, Email
  • Personal Description: Weight, Height, Hair Color, Eye Color, Gender, D.O.B.
  • Emergency Contact Information: Name, Phone Number, Relationship
  • Authorization Information: TWIC Card Info, ILA Number (if applicable), access requests
  • Non-citizens: Place of birth, Employment Authorization Card, Green Card, Social Security Number, Work Visa
After your card registration has been submitted, the cardholder will need to go to the Port ID Office to complete the security training. When this process is complete, the company representative will be able to see that the registration has been accepted into the VPA system.
You will need to bring:
  • TWIC Card
  • TWIC Pin
  • Driver's License
The ID Office is located at: 1746 Northgate Road, Norfolk VA 23505. It is open Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM - 3:30 PM